Ricochet Exchange

Effortless Real-time Crypto Investing

Ricochet Exchange

Ricochet puts power in the hands of passive investors



Stream your money into a variety of crypto assets, from ETH and BTC to yield-bearing LP positions. Using Superfluid, it just takes one transaction to set off a perpetual Ricochet investment stream.


As long as your stream token's balance is above zero, your investment stream carries on. This means you're free to do other cool crypto stuff with your money all while your investment stream runs.


Why buy at a couple prices when you can buy at every price. Ricochet lets you take on price risk gradually instead of in lumps. Kick back, relax, and forget about the FOMO and overtrading



Stream-Powered Dollar-Cost Averaging

DCA is the most responsible way to invest in crypto. Make it simple, automatic, and non-custodial through payment streams.

Stream Your Money Into Staked Sushi LP Positions

The yield from your accumulating position auto-accrues straight to your wallet with no need to claim. Consistent LP'ing is a manual and complicated process. rexLP makes it hands-off and effortless.

Streaming Launchpad Allowing for Simple and Fair ICOs

Issuers can offer a gradual distribution of their ICO token. Buyers can stream into the rexLaunchpad and earn a portion of the distribution over time in proportion to their stream. This design eliminates whale shenanigans, enforces equitability, and improves price discovery.

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